Shots difference

Shots on target difference

Shot conversion

Opposition shot conversion

Note: Benchmark quintile charts use shot and conversion data from 2005 to present in the selected team's division

Who built this?

I did! You can find me on Twitter here.

Where did the data come from?

All data was downloaded from

Data originally coded by Opta.

Why can't I download very detailed datasets of shots and goals in each game?

I've made it possible to download the analysts' league table, but if you'd like the raw data that it's built with, then please visit

This might help you to process their data.

What did you use to build this?

R, Shiny and bs4Dash.

Why don't you add a screen that does...?

It might be already be planned, but give me a shout on Twitter if you have an idea.

I've found a bug

Well spotted. Please tell me about it!